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Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
republican revenue increases in the science and in the super committee and that template is you have to do a large amount of spending reforms. assemble lectures on the route to higher revenue tax reform. you just have to follow that template and we would get to wherever need to to go. >> diane, what to make of this baseline issue? >> wow, i'm it is sad we have to rely on actually going over the cliff to stick to the current law baseline. that is my main reaction to it. and now, i think that it is too bad that it's been so hard to raise revenues because of the pledge. i think especially given that there's so many ways of raising tax revenues. so it goes back to my hope, that we can somehow get a budget process in place that honors the current law baseline, today's current law baseline and stick to it more aggressively. >> if i could just make one budget comment, which understand the question is about politics, but as officially scored in the joint on tax cbo, for example you made a policy that would extend permanently half of the tax in the fiscal cliff, because they're not to happen,
Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
had the most government funded research fop push out the boundary of science and technology our best innovators and entrepreneurs can pluck them and start the new company. it you think about that as the formula for success an education we now -- well, roughly 30% of high schools drop out of high school. we used to lead the world in college graduates coming to high school. we no longer do that. on infrastructure, according to american society of civil engineers we're $2 trillion in deficit in terms of infrastructure. immigration, we have a policy now that basically says here come here get a great education and get the hell of our country. we are fighting on the simplest h1b issues that are vital phenomena the future strength. fourth the rules for incentive risk taking and recklessness. i don't think we have em i didded to the degree we want. on government funded research if you see in the gap it looks like ekg heading for heart attack. i don't know relative to what all i know in terms of the things that historically made us great, on each one of those, i see us not going in the direct
Sep 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
monopolize power, wealth, science and technology for a limited group. policies of the world are the main centers of power are based on the principle of domination and the conquering of others. these symptoms only seeks supremacy and are not in favor of peace indefinitely not of their nation. they are led to believe that those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars on election campaigns have the interest of the people of the world at their hearts despite what the political claim in a capitalist countries. the money that goes into the political campaign is nothing usually but -- parties that only represent a small number of people. the real views of the masses have the least impact and influence on the big decisions especially those made about the domestic and foreign policies. in the united states and in europe. their voices are not heard, even if they constitute 99% of the society's. human and ethical values are sacrificed in order to -- and their willingness to listen to the demands of the people has become only a two at a time in election. the current world order is -- and based on
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to afford students graduating in science technology. why we are doing this and what about american workers. >> i want to encourage the that started with a private partnership with the community technical school came into the start of engineering in the seventh grade, and i think that is the type of programming that we need to encourage. >> they need the training and education for it. >> mr. bass committee think any changes in federal immigration laws are needed? >> breslau, there is an issue and i started to touch on in a little bit. you can find guestworkers during the summer because the system doesn't work. it has a 60,000 individual cap. everyone in the tourist industry picked up those individuals during the wintertime. i propose both h1-b and h2-b. the need is still there for high skilled workers. you can remain and do a second term for a third term. it creates a path to citizenship that is legal. i oppose illegal immigration and i don't support it. some businesses do, and i don't. but there is a way to do that. that is to allow the david h1-bd h2-b to become that way in a lega
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4